"So how does it work?" - A question I asked my parents a lot in my younger years. Ever since I can remember I've been obsessed with technology in every way shape or form I came upon. And always I wanted to know what made it work. In the beginning I didn't really know much about electronics or mechanics or any other technical skill. I learned from doing by playing with the wooden blocks my dad gave me when we were at the workshop he worked at. I was too young to be crawling around the dangerous shop so he put me in a crate and let me play with these blocks.

I was around two at the time and I don't really have any memories from this, but I'd like to think that learning to keep myself entertained really was a important part of my development. My dad is a carpenter and he used to be the workshop manager in a small contracting firm. His boss didn't mind him doing some side-projects in his spare time. This meant that from a young age I had access to all kinds of tools and materials to build and create things of my own design.

Blinkinglights is the brand I created to house all the creative enthusiasm I obtained over my lifetime. It evolved into a company and now I am able to design, engineer and create professionally.